Hair Information

Practical Tips for Hair care in the Pacific

Q. Why does my hair fall flat in the Pacific?

A. This is due to the humidity particularly in the east coast that is subject to the trade winds. Our short term trick is to blow dry your hair, but hold you head upside down. Unfortunately even this will not last long. Sorry that's the price to pay for living in paradise.

Q. I seem to be getting a lot of split ends, why is that?

A. There are a number of possible reasons. The most common is by subjecting your hair to many extremes, robbing it of it's natural oil.

Q. What am I paying for when I get my hair coloured professionally?

A. You're paying for quality products used to dye the hair. And you're paying for the professional application by a trained hair stylist. It's not enough to just apply the dye, the hair stylist has to understand what hair type you have, what colours have gone on previously and what environment you're likely to be in (air conditioned office, vs. outdoor, vs. sea spray etc).

Did you know?

The Pacific has three main ethnic groups, Melanesian, Polynesian, and Micronesian; each with their own hair type.

Melanesian hair looks a bit like African (or Afro-American) hair, but in fact they are different in cross section. Melanesian hair is oval in cross section whereas African hair is circular.

Fiji was admired by the early colonisers for their amazing hair styles.

In traditional Fijian society, it is rude to touch an adults hair.

Pre-colonial Fijian society signified a woman's eligibility to be married and her chastity, by having a few or a single plait of hair down the side of the head?

Modern hair cutting techniques use razors to bring about certain 'textures' to the hair.