Elaine has been a professional hairdresser for over a decade. She holds an internationally recognized qualification as a senior hair stylist. She has been trained professionally in Auckland, New Zealand; Glasgow, Scotland; London, England as well as attending workshops at the annual International Hair Expo in Sydney. Edge Hair Design was Elaine's concept and dream since 1993 which took 6 years to come true.

Her biggest challenge to date - so she says - has been to house train her husband.


Viki has been a professional hairstylist for over 20 years. She moved to Edge Hair Design in 2002. She attends Pivot Point advanced cutting and styling classes in Sydney on an annual basis.

Rumour has it that Vikis is a wicked Latin American dancer but she keeps denying this even though we've personally seen someone who 'could' be Viki doing some suspiciously 'dirty dancing' at the top Suva salsa club. PS can anyone tell me where's it's moved to?


Ben is a genuine born and bred Pacific Islander, but who had the (mis)fortune of growing up abroad after his first few years alive in paradise. Having spend time and training in the US, Ben returns to Fiji and works with us particularly at the end of the week.

Most folks don't know that Ben is a ventriloquist by night, amusing hundreds of paying guests in Suva's famous Showcase Ventriloquism Emporium. Problem is that we can't find this famous abode to check out how good his act is.


Violet, a graduate of the Fiji Institute of Technology, has been Edge Hair Design's receptionist for 2 years. Make sure that if you come to us, to ask for Violet to wash your hair - it's absolutely to die for.

Not only is Violet our computer whizz but she says that she hopes to complete her part-time PhD in astrophysics sometime in 2009. But for the moment she still can't tell us how many stars there are in the Southern Cross.